Cotefield Tree Care

Tree Removal (With Crane) – Beech Tree in Deddington

A  tree condition report conducted on this mature beech found high levels of decay within the stem, the tree was subsequently recommend for removal on the grounds of health and safety. The tree stood at nearly 100ft in height surrounded by domestic gardens, a highway and a public footpath which ran directly underneath the tree.  Due to […]

Tree Planting – Beech Tree in Woodstock

This large standard beech tree is approximately 400-450cm in height, 20-25 cmg contained in a 160 litre pot. Due to the size of the tree and the weight of the large root ball we needed to use our small 4X4 crane truck to transport and off load the plant. The perfect tool for the job. […]

Crown Reduction – Beech Tree no2 (OHPL)

Here we have another large beech reduction in the village of Evenley near Brackley. The streets over head power lines, (OHPLs) run directly through the centre of the tree so in order to be able to safely access the tree and work near these lines we consulted with Western Power Distribution the local network Operator (NO) on behalf of […]

Crown Reduction – Beech Tree

Last week we reduced the crown of this large TPO’d (Tree preservation order) beech tree in Evenley. The spec granted was a reduction of the crown by up to 2.5 metres in diameter and a further 2 metres on the north east corner of the crown away from the dwelling. As well as reducing the […]

Crown Reduction – Apple Tree

This larger mature apple tree had not been maintained for many years. As a result it’s over all size was causing excess shading in the area of the garden underneath the tree and also in the near by dwelling. It was also starting to shed limbs with a heavy crop damaging the tree. We reduced […]

Crown reduction – Sycamore

Here we are reducing the entire crown of a large TPO’d sycamore in Bodicote. The specification is to reduce the crown by 2-2.5 metres. We used 2 climbers in this tree taking half the crown each. The first image shows the start of the reduction. The second shows the finished crown.

Tree Planting

We are moving in to the planting season now. This is generally considered to be October to February. Here we are planting a small standard birch tree in Great Bourton. We selected this specimen from the local tree nursery after a consultation with our client. We picked it up along with the materials needed and […]