Cotefield Tree Care


Tree Care Services

Shrub and Hedge Trimming

We have a very busy hedge trimming programme each year. Working on everything from small topiary plants to large boundary hedges. Once arranged in to the calendar many of our clients keep an annual or biannual appointment with us to keep the garden under control.

Crown Reduction

A crown reduction is a reduction in size of the entire crown of a tree by a specified amount. Normally in ft/m or percentage. This reduces the spread of the crown from the tips of the branches back in towards the stem. Giving you a more manageable tree whilst still retaining a balanced shape with more light and space.


If a traditional straight fell isn’t possible sectional felling is a way of removing a tree from site safely. A tree of any size can be removed safely using suitable climbing and rigging techniques. But on larger trees we sometimes use elevated work platforms and cranes to aid us. You may require our felling services if the tree has out grown its position, if a tree is causing damage to property, or if a tree is of poor health and is causing a too greater risk to person or property.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been removed from site the stump can be left in the ground to decompose in to the soil. This is a lengthy process and if you wish to use the area for something else we can mechanically grind the tree stump out of the ground leaving a mix of soil and stump mulch behind.


We would recommend pollarding for only certain species of trees. This involves the heavy reduction of all branches back in towards the stem of the tree, therefore creating a framework from which the tree can develop a new crown. It allows you to maintain the tree or shrubs dimensions at a desired level with regular maintenance.

Crown Lifting

When we lift a tree’s crown, we selectively prune or remove branches in the lower crown. This can help to balance a tree’s crown, give more light and lift foliage away from structures so that you have more space underneath your tree.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning involves the removal of selected branches throughout the tree’s crown without impacting its outlying dimensions. It can help to increase light penetration through the crown, and reduce the forces wind applies to the structure of the tree, know as the the wind-sail factor.


Dead wooding is the selected removal of any dead branches within a tree. This will remove the risk to people and property. Especially important when a tree is located over a house, road or recreation area etc.

Tree and Hedge Planting

We provide a tree and hedge planing service to our clients. From small whips to mature stand specimen trees. Native and non-native species. We discuss your requirements, source the stock, deliver, plant and protect your new tree or hedge.