Cotefield Tree Care


Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of tree and hedge work varies greatly depending on your requirements. We offer a free, no obligation quote following a consultation on site with all our clients. During this process we are able to make sure we will be doing exactly what you want. In the most efficient way possible, for the lowest price we can.

The appropriate time of year to carry out the various task on your trees and shrubs varies depending on task and the species. A Fell can be carried out at any time of the year. Most fruit tree prunes in winter…We will advise you on this and we can then make the best decision together.

If your property is inside the boundaries of a conservation area, or if a tree or group of trees have a tree preservation order on them you may need to first inform or seek approval from the local authority. At CotefieldTreecare this is a part of our service and we can manage the paperwork for you and all correspondence relating to it.

We have a comprehensive insurance package of £10 million Public Liability Insurance and £10 million Employer Liability Insurance. Everyone involved is well protected.

This is part of the standard service. We remove all arisings from site and consider the quality of the finishing tidy up as a very important part of the service. Note; We chip everything up to 6 inches in diameter. You can keep the larger diameter timber for firewood if you wish. Just let us know.